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“Here is a review to read. I have been a renter in the Valley for 5 years in the same home with my family of 6. As a renter, and having no thoughts of buying a home, was given the fantastic news, our landlord was selling our house and we had 60 days to relocate with 3 teenager and a infant. while looking in the market, rents were running $3600.00 and about 10k for deposits.  Wow... what a jump, almost double what we were paying and we have to move!!

Knowing Gina personally as our kids are friends, I, in a panic, called her to figure out the process of buying a home. we started the process of getting approved and began the hunt. Gina never missed a beat. coming from two divorces, credit was not exceptional and did not know if we would get approved. I actually work for a bank and after a long battle was declined by two big banks and thought the dream was over. I called Gina and shared the news and disappointment. Gina didn't even skip a beat. She provided me a contact for her preferred lender and said tell him I referred you. Boom! We got approved. I was in shock. What we were going to pay in rent we are now paying in a mortgage. And... we bought the house we were currently renting! 

I share this review with the public because I think its important for those of you who are faced in the same situation. There is hope for the middle class in this market. If there is a way Gina will get it done. Don't give up hope. Please use Gina to help you in quest for a new home. Not only will she find your home, she will partner with you to get your financing. Never take no for a answer unless Gina says so. 

Thank you Gina. I appreciate all you did for me and my family. we plan to move in the next two years and will be using Gina to get us to our next family home.”

- Kathleen Courtney
  1/19/2017 - Yelp, 5 Star Review
“Although my property has not sold yet, Gina has gone above and beyond what I had expected from a realtor. She has worked with county and city officials to get more details regarding my property. She's friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and always responds promptly to my emails.”

- Eaminy (Felton, CA)
  1/12/2017 - Zillow, 5 Star Review
"Gina did an awesome job coordination all aspects of the purchase of a condo for my daughter. Gina kept all involved parties up to date and made sure the process moved forward in a timely manner. She did a fantastic job dealing with a first-time buyer, the buyers parents (us), the seller's agent, inspectors, the lender and the officials with the First-Time Home Owners program.

Gina was quick to respond to our questions and concerns and provided her professional advice and expertise when needed. I highly recommend Gina Carling for anyone looking to buy a home in the Santa Cruz area."

- Ksrooks (Boulder Creek, CA)
  9/3/2016 - Zillow, 5 Star Review
"Gina is amazing! She helped me purchase my very first home, and at a lot less than the asking price. If you're looking to buy a home talk to Gina Carling."

- Rooks401 (Boulder Creek, CA)
  8/18/16 - Zillow, 5 Star Review
“It's hard to find kind enough words to describe a Realtor like Gina, so I'll just tell you about our several great experiences working with her...

Gina stood by us and helped us shop for our first home not just once in '07, but a 2nd time in '08 and our lucky 3rd time in '09 when she landed us an incredible deal on our beautiful starter home! Honestly, we could've stayed on at this first lovely location, but when we saw our opportunity to move into our dream country home and brought it to Gina's attention, she made it happen again.

Inside just one month of closing the deal on our dream home she had listed and sold our original property for us as well...we are amazed by such outstanding real estate work! Not once did she steer us towards "too much house" for a higher commission, she was actually very understanding and diligent to meet our budgetary considerations.

If you are looking for an honest, reliable, caring Realtor to help you sell or buy you first or next step home, look no further you've found her.”

- Gary M.
 (Watsonville, CA)

  3/11/2016 –Yelp 5 Star Review
"Having sold several previous homes i can say that Gina Carling is the most impressive real estate agent I have ever worked with . Gina priced our home perfectly. she staged and marketed our home, and sold our home in 9 days. Gina facilitated all of our home inspections and coordinated all facets of or home sale leaving all the details in her hands, ultimately leaving the sale process stress-less. I highly recommend Gina and highly recommend her for your real estate needs,"

- Tomzipp (Boulder Creek, CA)
  2/25/2016 - Zillow, 5 Star Review
Gina is representing us on the purchase of our new home and on the sale of our future home. She is very knowledgeable about the process and is proactive in maintaining the terms of the contract so the transaction keeps on track. During the open houses for the sale of our current home, I really liked the way she knew the details of who was viewing our home and followed up with them or their agents. I also really liked her friendly demeanor and patience dealing with all entities during the process. She has a pleasant way about her, but also demonstrates the right amount of aggressiveness needed to be effective. I would highly recommend her!

- GKing86

  2/24/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Gina Carling has the expertise skills to market a home in the mountains or in town. Gina used her creative marketing talents to sell my Mountain home in Ben Lomond, with multiple bids. She is very good at listening to her clients, and offers great suggestions!”

- Irish4664
 (Campbell, CA)

  1/31/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Gina helped us to sell our home and to find a new one in another town, even we still don’t speak English very well. She is amazing and a very very nice person! For sure we’ll call her again.”

- Daniela & Giuseppe Quirico (Watsonville, CA)
1/15/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Gina was a dream to work with. She knew what we wanted to find, what our budget was, and where to look to accommodate the two and put us in the home we desired! She wasn't pushy, didn't do any over selling, or any of the other nightmare tactics some realtors get bad reputations for. She was genuinely friendly and had us, her clients, best interest in mind!

If you are shopping for a home, you'll want an agent like her to be looking with you. :)”

- Gary D. Marsh (Watsonville, CA)

  1/14/2016 – Zillow 5 Star Review
“Gina helped us found and bought the house in Boulder Creek. She always responded our questions very quickly with text message. She is honest and professional. We got our offer accepted soon. The transaction went smoothly. Since we have some questions and concerns about the property, Gina spent whole morning time took us to Santa Cruz county to ask county person all questions and concerns we had about the property, until we feel comfortable. We were very happy and satisfied with Gina's service.”

- Yshie (Boulder Creek, CA)
  1/10/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“What I liked about Gina Carling is everything. She is down to earth and she really helps you to feel safe buying a home. I enjoyed our car rides and conversations together while driving to different properties. She gives great advice. She always made herself available and she was prompt to respond to all emails and messages left for her.

When presenting a home, she was reliable to point out both pros and cons of the home and its surroundings. She is an honest person. Raising a family of her own in the area, Gina is knowledgeable of Santa Cruz county and full of useful information.

When we found our home, she was able to make referrals to professionals to get the inspections we needed. Gina looked through the inspection reports and noted problems that might might keep our FHA loan from being approved. She was able to negotiate a seller credit to help offset the cost of the termite trouble found by the inspection. She went above and beyond gathering resources and making suggestions to repair minor issues. Ultimately leading to our buying the house of our dreams!

I felt Gina Carling was sincerely interested in helping our family find the ideal home, rather than just making a sale for herself. This made the best impression of all.

Both my partner and I strongly recommend Gina Carling as a qualified and resourceful professional.”

- Apaccounting1 (Boulder Creek, CA)

  1/09/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Purchasing a house can seem like a complete nightmare, but the experience was a dream come true for us and that is completely thanks to Gina. She kept us positive and informed throughout the whole process.

If we ever need an extremely patient and experienced agent, we will absolutely choose Gina again.”

- Readermarsh (Watsonville, CA)

  1/08/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
"My experience with Gina was outstanding from start to finish and I was extremely lucky to have found her.

As a client, I only had a limited budget to work with but she never wavered in her dedication to finding a house that would be right for me. After seemingly endless setbacks she would still always find the time to work with me and she really went above and beyond to make sure everything came together in the end, even though the home I ended up buying was far outside of her usual service area. Truly a credit to her profession!”

- Cory340 (Isleton, CA)

  1/03/2016 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Gina Carling is such a caring, knowledgeable Real Estate Agent who is a pleasure to work with! She really knows her stuff!

From locations to prices, to intimidating contractual language and Title jargon - she knows what everything means and is able to explain it in a way that you can immediately understand. She always has her clients interests as top priority and will put in all the extra hours to make sure your deal closes - all while maintaining her contagious smile and positive energy.

I highly recommend working with Gina!”

- Megan337 (Felton, CA)

  12/02/2015 – Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Gina has helped us on multiple occasions. She helped us find our home and negotiated a great price for us back in 2004.

When we considered moving out of the area last year, it was a no-brainer that we would call Gina again! She sourced homes in the area we were looking to move to and coordinated with the Realtors in the area. She helped us prep our home to look it's best for potential buyers.
In the end, we decided to stay put here in Aptos (which is a really good place to be). Gina supported our decision and helped tie up all the loose ends.

Should we go a little crazy again someday and foolishly consider leaving the area, we will most certainly be working with Gina”

- TomRizzo (Aptos, CA)

  11/30/2015, Zillow, 5 Star Review
“Gina Carling was a great real estate agent. Without her, I might not have my delightful home. She knew the area and its people, recommended a mortgage dealer, inspectors, septic experts, whatever was needed. She helped throughout the process.

She knows what she is doing and made a deal possible by being responsive to all parties and negotiating patiently. Gina is no-nonsense. She will make you aware of any issues in the area (controversy over water, say) and help you navigate a complicated process with little fuss.
She gets it done. She answers questions. I could not have asked for more.”

- Ephrat Livni (Felton, CA)
11/30/2015, Zillow, 5 Star Review
"As you will probably notice, I do not write too many Yelps. I only do it when I recognize something spectacular or something utterly dreadful. And of course Gina Carling - SPECTACULAR! We are first-time home buyers and the main reason we have stayed away for so long is because it is an extremely intimidating process. I tend to stay away from things that cause more anxiety than I need.

Most realtors I have talked to in the past were very stand-offish. Maybe it was our fear and anxiety that they saw in us, but they never really took us seriously. Things never really got going.

But not with Gina. She truly understood our fears and anxieties and made her mission to squash them. She explained exactly what we needed to do and she was patient with us. With Gina, it's not about the money as much as it is about what our needs were. Do you know how rare it is to find that? Absolutely amazing.

Looking for someone to help you find your home? This is the person to contact."

- Teresa R. (Ben Lomond, CA)
  4/7/15 - Yelp, 5 Star Review
"Gina helped me purchase my first home! She was great finding homes to show that were in my range and the qualities I was looking for. She helped me negotiate month back at closing too! From beginning to end she did a fabulous job!"

- Alison McClure (Aptos, CA)
  4/4/15 - Facebook, 5 Star Review
"Gina has been practicing real estate in Santa Cruz county of many years and is extremely knowledgeable of our local market. For buying or selling a home, Gina is the first person I would call."

- Cristina Crocker (Aptos, CA)
  4/4/15 - Facebook, 5 Star Review
"Gina is a top notch Realtor. She really pays attention to details on every transaction. She has used our company for Home and Termite Inspections many times. You will not be disappointed with her service. In the top 10!"

- Larry Keefauver (SF Bay Area)
  3/30/15 - LinkedIn Recommendation
"Gina is very professional and available. She always tries to follow negotiations the most easy as possible. She helped us to sell our home and to buy a new one. It was very nice to work with her, even if we are still not very fluent in English. She is an amazing person!"

- Guiseppe-Daniela Vitagliano (Santa Cruz, CA)
  3/5/15 - LinkedIn Reccomendation
"Gina Carling did an outstanding job for me. While I was out of town, taking care of my elderly father, Gina took charge by coordinating a showing at my home on 2 days notice. About 50 potential buyers showed up resulting in a couple of offers, one which I accepted. Gina managed what can be a difficult and confusing process and made it as easy for me as possible. I highly recommend Gina Carling for her expertise, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile."

- Benjamin Gaines (SF Bay Area)
  2/25/15 - LinkedIn Recommendation
"I would absolutely recommend Gina to anyone looking for a home! She helped us immensely in finding our new Aptos home. In fact, I don't think we would have got the house without her! She was efficiently persistent with the sellers and even created a portfolio based on our family for a helpful push!

Most of all, she always explained every step of the process. From finding the right houses to look at, which to put offers on, and how to complete the deal, she certainly knows what she's doing. I appreciated her willingness to reply to my emails/texts/calls at any time of the day. She sets you up with a daily email of all the recent listings that match your home buying requirements, so whenever you get a chance to look she's there to talk. On top of it all, she was personable, sweet, and really rooting for us to get the perfect house (unlike other scummy Realtors out there). Call Gina, she will get you a house!"

- Jamie Connelly (Aptos, CA)
  2/15/15 - LinkedIn Recommendation
"Gina is an amazing Realtor who recently helped us buy a home in Felton and truly went above and beyond what you would expect. From the beginning, she was kind, trustworthy, and professional. She understood what was important to us and was patient in helping us each step of the way. The transaction was complex because we closed very quickly (i.e., 20 days) and we needed to stick to a tight timeline to make sure we could move in before my daughter started school. Not only did Gina keep in constant contact, updating us often, she actually went to the local school board and enrolled my daughter to save us the trip! I was astounded (in a good way!).

Unfortunately, when we went to move into the home, we found that it had a lot of the seller's unwanted belongings and was extremely dirty. Gina nor I could have foreseen this because the sellers rented back the house for few days, so it wasn't possible to inspect an empty house prior to closing. I was very upset and expected to be left to deal with this on my own. Afterall, we had already closed, the sellers were off to their new place, and Gina had already received her commission. I was blown away that Gina and her husband came over to *personally* help us clear the place out and offered to haul away what the sellers did not pick up! Then Gina even arranged for a cleaner to spend the day in the house getting it up to our standards.

I cannot recommend Gina strongly enough! I wish I could do business with her again and again. But given that she helped us find our dream home, we will not be moving any time soon. :)"

- Melissa H. (Sunnyvale, CA)
  10/14/14 - Yelp, 5 Star Review
"I have to say, I'm not really a great "yelper", however there are people that come into our lives that go far beyond the call of duty and need to be acknowledged.

Gina is that person.. I was overwhelmed attempting to relocate 3 hours from my house by myself. While in Felton, I  saw the office and stopped by to see if anyone could offer advice. Despite her busy day, Gina took the time to assist me in with my concerns. She was very helpful and provided much needed insight.

I think what moved me the most was Gina's assistance was heartfelt and sincere.. It wasn't sale driven or motivated. No pressure just wanting to help..

Without any reservation,  I recommend Gina for her remarkable ethics. With so much of a real estate boom, I certainly would want someone that sincerely cared about my best interest. When the time comes to buy my home, Gina will be the first one I call..

Thanks Gina for keeping our faith in humanities :)"

- Lara P. (Montera, CA)
 9/24/14 - Yelp, 5 Star Review
"Gina helped us to find our dream mountain home. After showing us a couple of houses, she knew what we were looking for. She always answered our questions very detail with so much patience. She is very professional as a real estate agent. It was such a pleasant experience to work with her to finish the purchasing process. I highly recommend her to be a real estate agent.


- Jing-May W. (Saratoga, CA)
  8/7/14 - Yelp, 5 Star Review
"Gina helped us find our dream house. She listened carefully and figured out what kind of property we like. She spent time to filter out the properties we want, and sent those properties information to us, which save a lot of our house searching time. Gina is very professional and knowledgeable. She always response our questions promptly. I would definitely recommend her for all of your real estate needs."

- Yaw-Shi Shie (SF Bay Area)

  8/4/14 - LinkedIn Recommendation
"This is the best realtor you will find in the Santa Cruz County I cannot believe how great this realtor is. You have to go to this realtor!"

- Russell McGuire (Santa Cruz, CA)

  7/29/14 - Facebook, 5 Star Review
"Gina thank you sooo much for putting our family in the perfect house! If anyone is looking for an agent who cares about helping you and yours find their perfect property, look no further Gina is it!"

- Gary Marsh (Santa Cruz, CA)

  7/26/14 - Facebook, 5 Star Review
"If you want someone to work with who is professional, knowledgeable, goes the extra mile, is intuitive to your needs, cares about what is best for you and your family, then Gina is the one for you! She is reliable, down to earth, friendly and responsive to priorities. She is truly a joy to work with."

- Kim McFadden Beatty (Aptos, CA)
  7/19/14 - Facebook Review
"Gina got us our perfect house after spending months looking! She never stopped looking and arranged showings around our crazy schedule. She was on top of the whole process from financing down to insurance! You can't go wrong here!"

- Melissa Hoeg McCuiston (Santa Cruz, CA)

  7/15/14 - Facebook, 5 Star Review
"Hard worker extreme attention to detail and great honest agent to work with."

- Matt Gerig (Scotts Valley, CA)
  7/15/14 - Facebook, 5 Star Review
"My husband and I highly recommend Gina as a realtor. We found she was more than willing to go the extra mile for her clients. We were thrilled to purchase a second home from her. She is incredible to work with and you will not be disappointed to have her as your realtor."

- Kathleen Giusti (SF Bay Area)
  2/8/12 - LinkedIn Recommendation